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August 30, 2018 3:22 pm

Play Download I loved it Ireland country of music beautifull songsCarol Ciabattoni 2 years ago +3cant believe George is gone But won't be forgotten Coucoumarina Meijer 2 years ago wauw ik ben gek van hun muziek Play Download Play Download Someone posted this on Facebook today and I commented how similar these guys sound to Thunder and then felt like a goober when they replied back that the reason they sound like them is because they kellogg Year ago +1bluegrassbaby86 is that what a "goober". Загрузка Обработка Play Download

Play Download Загрузка Загрузка Загрузка Barbara Foster 3 years ago +2+michael d A negative comment like that just proves that the person really has nothing worth l d 3 years ago +2+Fitzcard real men don't say things. Miss you Mom&Papaalec petrossian 2 years ago +2Bravo beautiful always enjoy to listen to. It's thunderrekkdan 5 years ago +2Awesome Загрузка Wow when Damien's voice changed it changed with a vengeance! :)sabana grein vels 4 months ago quienes on y de. Обработка Обработка Rae Lynn Weible 7 months ago +1The bald head guy name is GeorgeHoward Lewis 10 months ago The Patriot Game can you sing the Song be Because My Grandparents are OHANLON'S Real men left Ireland long before this came to happen alexandercrankshaft Year ago Doeray don’t mistake this plastic paddy drag act for real Irish men And I know some of them were born here Danny boy is not an Irish song and you never hearit here outside of tourist pubs It’s about as authentically Irish as corned beef and cabbage Happy St Patrick’s Day. Flip inheck 2 years ago +Christy Davidson The Male version of the song is called Eily Dear but it is rarely heardgeorge pankhurst 4 years ago +2they. Загрузка Miss you George!TisEyerish1 2 years ago +1Love the barbershop quartet style they employed with this one even if there are five of. Загрузка Загрузка Загрузка Загрузка Загрузка Play Download Play Download The correct name is thunder not menVictor drija ♥ Year ago +cheryl potance no it's still thunder Cheryl potance Year ago They may have changed their name after they became famous Look at how young they were!Moo Alcaraz 2 years ago. Please understand the Musix Mp3 - Music All Genre doesn't host any files! We're just a search engine like google Privacy Policy Term Of Use Disclaimer Copyright Claims Contact Powered by Musix Mp3 - Music All Genre Copyright © 2018 They look like they're freezing Hope they gave something warm on under those kilts! Cold sure doesn't mess with their ability to sing!stephanie gaudreau Year ago +2I love it The talent the harmony the site are all fantastic. Play Download Danny Boy GODSpeed brother Comrades Nam Hill Year ago +1Perfect Music video by performing Amazing Grace. Bruce Alan Wilson 2 years ago +flip inheck It is true I've heard it He and Haydn often used Irish & Scottish folktunes in their smaller inheck 2 years ago +1+Bruce Alan Wilson lol I doubt that. Perfect anml G 2 months ago Damian’s voice’s changed Bruce Alan Wilson 2 years ago +jessica prescott The line about when Danny comes back the person might well be dead COULD be taken that s/he is significantly older which would make "parent" an interpretation But any way it is someone who loves Danny and will miss him very much--parent sweetheart sibling friend what does it matter? The lyrics were written by a British lawyer & songwriter Frederick Weatherly His sister-in-law Margaret who was born in Ireland and immigrated to the United States sent him the music for Londonderry Air an Irish song He put them together It became a hit in 1913 shortly before World War I (The Great War) It became a song sung by wifes sisters fathers brothers and comrades who lost loved ones in war The entire family sang it for my Uncle Dan who was killed in a car accident It is a passionate song of love and loss If you sister thinks anyone singing it is "inappropriate" she needs to learn history and get a I want to know is where they sang this There's an American flag waving in the background and the streets are blocked off like there's going to be a parade or marathon I'm thinking Boston or maybe New York City on St Patrick's Day Does anyone know? This is better than live on stage!Bruce Johnson 2 years ago +3Oh yes A wonderful sound and a loving message. Загрузка плейлистов Dee White 5 months ago St Patrick's. Play Download Stage,public street these guys can perform Alan Wilson 2 years ago Beethoven wrote a series of variations on this for violin & piano. Whoo!!!mark Branton 8 months ago +2The bald Headed Gentleman had passed about 2. Play Download Barbara Foster 2 years ago +1One more thing +Fitzcard these men are performers not warriors !Charlotte Greene 2 years ago +1+Fitzcard I guess real men have no talent Загрузка Fascinante !!!!Garry Piercy Year ago +1Beautiful! #lyricspotify #LyricSpotifyMp3 #LyricSpotifyRingtone #LyricSpotifyVideo #LyricSpotifyMp4 #LyricSpotifyLyrics #LyricSpotifyChord #Mp3 #FreeMp3 #FreeMp3Download Загрузка Загрузка Saw them in concert and going up to Cleveland to see them again next week A fun upbeat show All of the country could use this right a Foster 3 years ago +10Absolutely perfect ! The volume was just right for outdoors like that and those harmonies wow Thank you for this wonderful posting of this outstanding video. Play Download

Im not why they think can sing reallyKim A 2 months ago greg lukus What makes you think you. Tillian Morio 2 years ago +Barbara Foster vive la prof de musiqueElizabeth De Baere 3 years ago Beautiful! Play Download Really good Caira 3 years ago me gustaAmber Kuehnel 3 years ago rip george Free Lyric Spotify Download Mp3 ● Free Mp3 Lyric Spotify ● Mp3 Downloader Lyric Spotify Free Download ● Mp3 Download Lyric Spotify Mobile ● Download Free Lyric Spotify Music ● Mp3 Lyric Spotify Songs Free Download ● Mp3 Download Lyric Spotify Youtube I got into a very ridiculous but vicious argument with my sister over what the song is about Her feeling is that the person who is singing to Danny Boy is his lover making a group of men singing it inappropriate I think that even if that was the case (although it's not) it would be just as appropriate for a lover to mourn the potential loss just as grievous and sad regardless of the sexual orientation of the people involved I believe that the song is being sung by the parents of a boy going off to war and who are concerned that he might be killed in action & thus leaving them forever What's you guys' take. Play Download Play Download

Bruce Alan Wilson 2 years ago +flip inheck Alternative texts are "My Gentle Harp" and "Would That I Were the Tender Apple Blossom" There is also a setting of the 23rd Psalm. How about them getting out of the way of the Ambulance! They sing like angel's but they would go "so splatt if the Amba ran into na McNeill Year ago +1Jacqueline Street it was a police van and it wasn't in a hurry since it had no sirens on The van could have waited until they were done singing. Video size:  1280 X 720853 X 480640 X 360 Show player controls Autoplay Replay Play Download Lovely version of the songJade Shelton 2 years ago +1I love them so much! I hope some day to see them perform this in concert.